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How To Be A Successful Manager ?

What does one require to become a successful manager ? Knowledge? Experience? Training? Certification? Sense of humor? Below is an Inforgraphic which discusses this in details. Do let us know your thoughts and feedback using the comment section below. Inforgraphic Credits :

Interview Best Practices And Etiquette – INFOGRAPHIC

First Impression making lasting impression. Check out the infographic to know how to make that perfect impression on your interviewer/employer on the the Interview Day. Don’t forget to check out our NEW interview experiences section. These experiences are submitted by our readers, we hope you will find these helpful. Like our facebook page and stay updated. Cheers.

How To Write A Cover Letter To Employer In Response To A Job Posting ?

Cover letter serves as a strong connection point between prospective employers and your desired job. So we suggest candidates to give as much importance to cover letter as they give to resumes. Write cover letter in a way so as Recruiter’s should feel, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Cover Letter displays your writing skills, aptitude and knowledge about the company. Rest match your skills well with job description to be on job. Subject line of email – Mention the Job Title with you  Read More…

Top 10 Tips To Ace Your Next Phone Interview – INFOGRAPHICS

The purpose of a phone interview is mostly to rule out candidates, not choose them (unless your candidate is out of region). So doing well enough to go to the next step isn’t actually that hard. Here is an infographic by that will surely help you prepare for your next phone interview. Source :