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Hello everyone!!

This is Akanksha Kushwaha. An engineer by profession and blogger by heart. I am a software professional. This is my first blog. I am here with a motto of “Bringing revolution in education”.

I have come to this platform to help all the students out there to make learning fun. Here I have tried to bring out my heart to explore the innovative ways of learning. I hope someone would have told me these tips earlier.

Let’s make learning a lot easier than before and help it to reach to all.  It’s time to bring revolution in the field of education. Also, Nelson Mandela says ” Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world“. So let’s make some positive changes in the society by letting people gain the learning experience in the most innovative ways.I will try to put forward all the best possible techniques available for learning these days.

This platform is for everyone who wants to see the positive changes in the society. One who has zeal to learn and explore. For those who want to see the world in an innovative way, who wants to see remarkable changes in our education system. If there has to be any revolution after industrial revolution and green revolution, it has to be in the field of education. Let’s make this 21st century an era of education revolution.

For all the suggestions that you would like to give about the topics you want me to write, please mention it in the comment section below. Your feedbacks are well appreciated and encouraged. Please let us all know about the ideas, experiences you have.

Let’s all try to make this platform a beautiful place to learn and explore. Let’s help the people to become aware about modern ways of learning. Let’s make the best use of our potentials. I hope you will enjoy this journey of bringing the education revolution in the world.

So, Let’s think out of the box !!!!!!!

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