Top 10 gadgets for college students

With the advancements in technology, the education system has also seen a drift. In the era of big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, where machines are being made intelligent like humans, the humans also need to be smart enough.

To become smart, a student needs a collection of smart gadgets for study. Here we have a list a smart gadgets that every student must possess:

1. Smart Notebook

Every year thousands of trees are being cut for paper. Why can’t we just change this scenario? Why can’t we move from a physical notebook to a digital one? A smart notebook is a solution for it.

Features of smart notebook:-

  1. The pages of the notebook are designed in such a way that you can erase the text written and reuse it.
  2. The content of the page can be stored on the cloud or drive wherever you want.
  3. The content of pages can be well organized in the form of folders/directories on cloud or drive.
  4. The notes can be mailed to your friend or link of drive can be given if you want to share your notebook.
  5. The notebook can be uploaded using an app.
  6. It can be linked with Evernote or OneNote as well.
  7. It is eco-friendly and saves a lot of your money.
  8. It will help the students to reduce the weight of their bags.

2. Kindle

Fond of reading? Then why to read only physical books. Let’s move to e-books. The best device to read e-books is Kindle.

Features of Kindle:-

  1. It can store thousands of e-books.
  2. Text size can be adjusted.
  3. It has built-in wifi as well.
  4. Text is very clear. No glare even in bright sunlight.
  5. The text can be searched on Wikipedia.
  6. The books can be well categorized.
  7. The screen of the device can be rotated as per need for better viewing.
  8. Magazine, Newspaper and web pages reading also possible.
  9. Meaning of a word can be searched online.
  10. Automatic Bookmarking available.

3. C-Pen Reader

Want to scan something you read physically? Then C-Pen Reader is a great choice. Its not an usual pen. It a scanning pen. Pen with tremendous qualities.

Features of C-Pen Reader:-

  1. It’s a scanning Pen instead of an ink pen.
  2. It has a scanner that will help you to scan any document or book.
  3. The pen has a screen where scanning content will be visible.
  4. The Pen is connected with the internet so that you can search for a word meaning.
  5. It can convert the digital text in audio format as well.

4. Airbar

Almost every student these days uses a laptop. But can we make it a bit smarter? Yes, of course. If you are a tech-savvy, then this device is a must to have.

Features of Air-Bar:-

  1. It can change your traditional Laptop to a touch screen Laptop.
  2. It makes the project drawings much easier to do than doing it with a mouse.
  3. AirBar makes it easy to move around in your presentations, it’s a breeze to use for editing and really brings you closer to your work or fun.
  4. You can zoom a pic with your hand or a place in google maps. Everything looks so simple.
  5. It supports Windows 10 OS. It is also compatible with MAC book.

5. Smart Pen

Sometimes we write something and want to store in digital format. In such cases,we go for scanning the contents. What if, the pen itself writes and stores in the digital format.

Features of Smart Pen:-

  1. Converts your hand-written notes into text form.
  2. Save, organize and search the contents digitally.
  3. You can create a grocery list and put a reminder for it.
  4. A phone number written will become your contact on the phone.
  5. The data can be stored on the cloud or google drive as well.
  6. It can record audio with just a tap.
  7. A sketch can become your next work of art.

6. Mechanical Pencil

Pencils are the things we have to use whenever we have to draw something or even to write. But the problem with traditional pencil is that it’s lead gets easily broken down. This problem is solved by a mechanical pencil.

Features of Mechanical Pencil:-

  1. It has a dual spring technology to maintain both horizontal and vertical pressure.
  2. The lead will never break however hard you write.
  3. The look and feel of the pencil is extremely good.

7. Paper Tablet

Features of Paper Tablet:-

  1. It is a tablet that will give the feel of the paper.
  2. Whenever you write on it, it will feel like you are writing on the paper itself.
  3. It makes use of electronic ink instead of pixels.
  4. It can be connected to a computer screen to view the content in digital form and convert it to a soft copy.
  5. The screen of the tablet is designed in such a way that it won’t pinch your eyes.
  6. It can be used both for writing or designing as well.

8. 3D-Pen

If you are interested in creativity, then this gadget is for you. It will help you convert your creativity to reality.

Features of 3D-Pen:-

  1. It can help the designers to create a dummy 3D-drawing model.
  2. It will help civil engineers to make a 3D design before implementing it.
  3. It can help the students to understand the concepts in a much better way.

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sometimes when you are solving questions of mathematics, you tend to listen to the songs. Also, you have to listen to a lot of online lectures these days. Hence, a headphone becomes important in this regard.

Features of Noise cancelling Headphones:-

  1. Noise-canceling headphones reduce unwanted sounds using noise control mechanism.
  2. It helps to listen to the audio content without raising the volume excessively.
  3. It will help the students to focus on the studies even when there is lot of noise outside.

10. Smart watch

A smart student also needs to manage his time and personality smartly. This is what exactly a smartwatch does.

Features of Smartwatch:-

  • 1. It helps to keep a track of:
  • (i). Heart rate
  • (ii). Number of steps you have walked in a day
  • (iii). Calories burnt in a day
  • (iv). Sleep monitoring
  • 2. It has a Bluetooth and calling facility as well.
  • 3. It can be used for sedentary reminder also.

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