Latest apps every student must have in 2019


If you are the one who sleeps late at night and struggle to wake up every morning, this app is for you.

This app named Alarmy, titled-“Alarm clock with Mission & Loud Ringtones” will wake you up at any cost.

(i). The alarm will not stop until you get up and post a selfie with a brush in the bathroom. Isn’t it something terrific!

(ii). The only way to stop the alarm is by completing tasks given. Like-Solve the maths problem or alarm will get louder or louder.

So, sleep if you can.

Rating- 4.7*        Size-20MB

Download Alarmy for a sleepless body that is Charmy!

2. Socratic

If you are the one having Maths Phobia and get struck most frequently, this app can help you a lot.

(i). All you have to do is to click the picture of question you are unable to solve and post in it.

(ii). Just a click and the detailed solution of the problem are ready with the explanation.

(iii). The best part about it is that unlike other apps, this app can be used to solve questions of various subjects like chemistry, history, etc.

So, not any question is too hard now.

Rating-4.4*        Size-20MB

Download Socratic for a personality that is Magnetic!


If you are the one who faces difficulties in organizing the tasks you have planned for yourself, this app is for you.

(i). This app basically helps you to follow your-“to-do list”.

(ii). You can create your own event and this app will remind you until the work is being done.

(iii). It also reminds you about what is coming next in your calendar and what all tasks are being left to be done by you.

Rating-4.5*          Size-20MB

Download to be actually You!

4. Meritnation

If you are a school going student of CBSE or ICSE board this app is definitely for you.

(i). This app contains each and every thing which may be in your syllabus.

(ii). Contains last year’s papers and sample papers of all chapters of each & every subject.

(iii). Include live classes and videos on every topic for giving a doubtless learning experience.

(iv). You can clear doubts if any via chat.

Rating-4.2*       Size-24MB

Download Meritnation to feel the real Education- Sensation!

5. Brainly

If you are curious to know each and every minor detail of a particular topic and there is no body to explain that, this app is for you.

(i). Post any doubt related to any subject, get answer within fraction of seconds.

(ii). Thousands of people are ready to give answer with their explaination.

(iii). Choose the answer  which most suits you.

(iv). Easy to post and search.

Rating-4.6*      Size-6.4MB

Download Brainly to get all answers Steadily!

6. Exam Countdown Lite

If you are from the people who often forget their exam dates, this app will be definitely a boon to you.

(i). Track your future exam dates once feeding in it.

(ii). It will tell you the number of days left for exam, so that you can do a scheduled learning.

(iii). Number of days hours minutes changes every subsequent second creating the fear to study and hence giving the best results.

Rating-4.2*        Size-10MB

Download Exam Countdown Lite for a future that is Bright!

7. Microsoft office lens

If you are the one who never make notes in exam and is fully dependent on Xerox copies of friend notes, this app is for you.

(i). It is a PDF scanner.

(ii). All you have to do is to just click picture of every page of notes.

(iii). Every page will be converted to PDF in a sequential manner creating an ease to study.

(iv). No worry what if photos got deleted.

(v). So, all you will have is notes in readable PDF .

Rating-4.8*        Size-31MB

Download Microsoft office lens to make your career Dense!

8. Loop Habit Tracker

If all you want to do is to develop some habits which could be beneficial for the studies, this app is for you.

(i). Set habits you want to follow on daily basis.

(ii). If you follow that habit everyday it will show a tick mark increasing your strength for that particular habit.

(iii). If you do not follow any habit it will appear as your weakness.

(iv). The more the strength you collect the more you are on the way towards your set goals.

(v). So at last, you will be left with your positive and negative traits.

Rating-4.7*      Size-3.3MB

Download Loop Habit Tracker be your Life’s Hacker!

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