Difference between Traditional vs Modern Education System

The Education System of any country plays a vital role in building the nation both physically and economically. Hence, it should be more accurate, imparting the right direction to youth.

A nation can only progress if its youth has correct knowledge of their domain. Japan is considered as the most developed nation among all countries, as they have much concrete education system. There the students don’t have any type of exams up to 10 years and are taught basic manners till grade 4.

India too has a good education system from many other countries, but it can be made much better within upcoming years.

Traditional Education System

The traditional education system can be basically divided into two parts. Firstly the education system of the ancient dynasty i.e. for kings & queens and secondly the education system we 90’s kids have encountered. Both the traditional ways of education had their own merits and demerits too.

In the ancient education system, the kings used to send their children to ‘Gurukuls’ for seeking primary education under the supervision of gurus. They were basically given the knowledge about their dynasty, how to operate the weapons, basic moral values making them skilled in each and every field.

Quite a good example of ‘teacher-student’ relationship at that time was of Dronocharya & Eklavya who gave his thumb as a guru-Dakshina on just one order of his mentor.

Some Demerits of such system:-

In spite of Kings and Queens, all other students mainly have to adopt the profession of their families only.

Education in the 90’s was also more about recitation and memorization giving less knowledge practically.

Modern Education System

The modern education system has changed a lot whether it may be in terms of technology, better results or practical knowledge. Today’s children and teachers are equipped with the latest tools which can make learning actually so much fun.


A recent study taken among a group of school-going children proves that- students can retain concepts for a long time in their minds if they learn using visuals and videos.

The “Smart edge” classes are the solution to provide a quality learning experience. It helps the teachers to teach more effectively the topics using stories, visuals or videos which he/she have to dictate verbally which eventually decreases the interest of students.

Some Demerits of such education system could be-:-

Distraction of students become much easier if proper care is not taken.

Audio, visuals, and videos should be appropriate as per the topic requirements or otherwise, it would not be much beneficial.

Other teaching methods for Modern Education could be-

  1. Creative Thinking
  2. Brain Storming
  3. Audio & video tools and techniques
  4. Class outside classroom
  5. Role play & Story building
  6. Welcome to new ideas

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