Best Forums and ways to teach Uneducated People

“If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn”.

– O. Ivar Lovaas

Education should be the basic right for each and every individual of any country. Without an educated public it is very difficult for any nation to progress. In this era of Chandrayaan-2, Mission Mars and many more where there is so much competition among nation itself to prove their worth globally, why this uneducated population will not be a big question mark for them? Not only to serve as a big picture but as an individualistic level too, everyone should be a self-sufficient package of qualities for themselves.

Education is not only the bookish knowledge which we get in our schools and colleges rather it is everything which helps to organize our life in a simple & better way. When our country India is doing really good in each & every sector today still 25% of the population is uneducated till date. So, it is a bigger responsibility for us to minimize this number and find ways to tackle this problem and make it again the “Golden Bird”.

Some of the ways and forums to teach Uneducated People are-

1. NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisation)

India has many NGO’s which are currently working in education sector both in rural as well as urban areas. The contribution of these NGO’s for tackling this problem is something worth applauding managing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR activities) very well.

Some of the best NGO’s of India bringing change in education sector are

a) Teach For India (TFI)

Established in 2009 by Shaheen Mistri, this NGO aims to give fellowship to young and bright minds that are economically weak making them equipped with leadership skills giving them a deep understanding of education system.

b)  Make a difference (MAD)

Established in 2006, by six friends in kochi this youth driven organisation ensures that even the most vulnerable children can be given education and come out from the circle of poverty.

c) Pratham

Established in 1995, this NGO aims to provide education to children in slums of Mumbai. With the mission of “Every child in school and learning well” it ensures high quality, low cost and replicable interventions in education system.

2. Use of technological gadgets

We have talked so much about the education for children but what about a middle aged person. How to make them educated?

Thanks to so much advancement and competition in technological sector which eventually resulted in low prices of electronic gadgets and internet connections too. In today’s era, an android mobile phone can be purchased within Rs. (2000-3000) of range even by a common person which could serve him/her as the biggest education tool. A recent study shows that people tend to learn more easily through the use of electronic ways and gadgets. The use of Google even for basic knowledge is the perfect way to start by a novice.

3. YouTube videos

Today, if you don’t know anything just go to YouTube and search, there will be definitely some video along with detailed demonstration. It has created so much ease that even if you haven’t learnt ABCD also you will find a video with its pronunciation, how to write, how to use, everything. Thanks again to technology.

4. Workshops

Workshops can be organised within different places time to time with no or minimal cost so that any needy person could really get benefited from it. The basic knowledge which is required in our day to day life would be taught along with advance lessons as the time progresses.

5. Role of Youth

Today’s generation is so much smart that even a 5 year kid knows how to operate a phone or a laptop. And our parents and grandparents are somehow away from these advancements. So, let us start educating from our homes itself. Let us teach them about gadgets whenever they ask without any kind of hesitation. Because if you are educated, then only you can make others educated!

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