Are we still alive?

Life is precious and we all are aware of it. It has a lot to offer to those who are willing to grab the opportunities with both their hands. But is it really the scenario? Are we living the life we always dreamt of?

When we are students, we always strive to get good marks. Parents also want to see their children excelling in life that they unknowingly put too much pressure on them.  The children have to learn so many things these days that they don’t even have time to enjoy their childhood. The scenario is a lot different from previous generation.

Our present scenario

As we grow young, we have to work to earn money. We work to feed our family. We work to make our future secure. But in doing so, what are the sacrifices we are making? Has anybody thought of it? Aren’t we sacrificing our happiness? The feeling of being away from our family members in order to earn money. The feeling of being lonely in an unknown city. The anxiety and stress we have to go through due to our bosses. The work pressure that we witness. But it seems like there is no other alternative.

But where are we heading?

We have to make a new family away from home. Sometimes people undergo stress and depression due to so much pressure. There are jobs where you can’t even go home even at the time of festivals. Still, people have to do that job. But in this process, somewhere we are losing ourselves. We are not able to do what we are capable enough of or what we really want in life. It’s always better if you can pursue your passion as your career. But today our happiness has become dependent on the circumstances. We are alive just to be alive not actually to enjoy the liveliness of our lives.

It’s always said that we have to work hard to earn. And most probably it’s true as well. It’s a fact that there is no shortcut to success. But it will be better if we work hard for something we always wanted to do. And there is no point of continuing somewhere where your heart does not lie.

Conclusion :-

Let’s explore various possibilities of our lives. Why can’t a job become a choice rather than a burden? Why can’t we live a life we always dreamt of? There are a lot of opportunities that the universe can offer us.

Let’s break the prison of mental barrier and live the life we always wanted to live !!

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