What it means to be a 90’s born?

Firstly, who are those 90’s born whom we are talking about? The answer is- Anyone born in between the years 1990 to 1999 is a 90’s born child. What I personally think is that- we the 90’s kids are the luckiest generation till now. What made me serve this statement are a number of reasons like education, culture, playing habits and many more which will be having a detailed discussion in this article.

We the 90’s kids have experienced everything I guess- whether from the evolution of technology to using that technology with ease, from hearing our parent’s struggle to seeing our sibling’s juggle, from studying about adverse effect of Emergency during the time of Smt. Indira Gandhi to understanding the epic win of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and still many more are left in this chain.

Being a 90’s kid is not less than a proud moment as- we know about the past quite well, we are experiencing the change in the this technological era and are also pretty aware of the future consequences too. That is why being a 90’s kid is always advantageous.

Some of the differentiating factors which distinguish 90’s kids and upcoming generation are-

1. Education

 We the 90’s born have basically dealt with normal education system i.e. going to school,being taught in black/whiteboards by chalk/markers, doing pen-paper study & coming back home sometimes having doubts left unclear in our minds.

But, this generation is somehow advantageous in this aspect than us. They are now majorly taught with the help of “Smart edge” classes having certain apps and gadgets to clear their every doubt and achieve their set goals. We (90’s born) too have these gadgets now, but now many of us are may be in colleges or started working professionally.

So, we have somehow missed the use of technology from our initial stages but still we are doing well I guess.

2. Playing Habits

The 90’s born are those people who have experienced playing cricket in big grounds to playing them in their PlayStations, from playing Thief-police game with their friends to playing PUBG whole day by creating hotspot zone, from playing Ludo physically to playing it in their mobile during lectures. Having a video game set was like a dream come true for them. In fact, they actually knew the difference between indoor and outdoor games.

But today’s generation is much comfortable playing in their PlayStations, mobile handsets and video games. They are missing the essence of playing under blue sky which we have felt and enjoyed a lot!

3. TV and advertisements

We the 90’s born have initially the box type TV sets in our homes whose remote didn’t work in fact.  So, we were the remotes that time, from always switching between those 2-3 channels to changing position of dish antennas for clear picture. But, this generation of flat-ULED automatic TV and Tata sky users will never understand our struggle.

We the 90’s kids have even listened & watched to all the advertisements used to flash in between the news on Radio or even small ad in the corner of newspaper in addition to all those peculiar ads coming on Televisions these days. This generation of iPod and laptop users has missed the feeling of ecstasy when we used to put the cassette in our tape recorders or the CD’s in our computers to listen music or to watch movies.

4. Use of Technological gadgets

This generation is fully advantageous in this factor. Even a 5 year old knows how to operate an android mobile with ease better than us. I think the 90’s kids are the last generation whose photographs were clicked using old camera’s and were waited for a week to get featured and hold it in hand. This generation is quite lucky that as they don’t have to face much problem now for anything. Smart gadgets and apps are solution of every problem which we might have encountered that time.

5. Culture

Where the previous generations were more diverted towards following of rituals and moral values, upcoming generation is much more modernised and less hesitant to do any kind of work. This is a plus as well as a negative point for them. All that make it good is the proportion of doing all modernised things with manner.

We have to teach upcoming generation to be cool in their limits and respect the elders too.

Now a days today’s kids are sent to different classes as soon as they take birth so that they could remain in the race of surviving in this crucial world. At least, we were blessed enough in this aspect to enjoy our childhood. This is a serious concern and has to be looked upon!

This is all from a 90’s kid. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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