Hard Work vs Smart Work

Today, there is so much debate among people whether to work harder or smarter to achieve the desired goals. Let us too try to find the answer of one of the most troublesome question of this era.

Hard Work

Being a hard worker is to put a lot of effort for the maximum duration of time that your body can withstand in order to get the desired results. Here, having your work done means to work consistently with minimum wastage of time. Long breaks, distractions, unwillingness, laziness, mood swings- these type of words don’t have any meaning here. The main tendency here followed is to give- “maximum input to achieve maximum output”. So, all you have to do here is to really work hard!

Smart Work

Being a smart worker is to make your work done with minimum efforts achieving the most accurate results too. The motto behind smart work is to get the same results of hard work in a most efficient manner. Here we follow the rule-“minimum input to achieve maximum output”. All you have to do here is to follow a strategic based planning after analyzing the ground reality (doing homework about the topic thoroughly).

But which is better between the two? Let’s try to compare them by understanding their positive and negative points separately.

1. Doing hard work without any proper strategy and planning can lead you nowhere. It is like wasting your efforts in the wrong direction.

2. “Strategic based planning after analyzing the ground reality” in Smart work means to understanding of “how much efforts for how much time for which sort of work” has to be done so as to get the results.

3. A lot of conviction and will power is required to do hard work. Not all of us easily get ready to do it!

Let us take an example– Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi once said that he usually travel in nights so that he can save his day time to do the productive work.

4. Smart work has come out to be the best alternative for hard work. If you know what the situation demands to do, you are in! It can serve a boon to you.


Last but not least, hard work always pays off. So, if you believe in hard work let the good work be done but let us not deny the smart approaches this smart work has given to us. At last, all you want are results and if you can get them in the most efficient manner using less time then why shouldn’t you try it!

Because, ultimately Time is precious. Time is money.

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