Social Media-Boon or Bane

In today’s era, it is very difficult to imagine a world without the existence of social media. Social media has influenced our lives so much that even the day starts as well as ends with social media. Using social media every day has become a major part of our routine like other day to day routine stuff. The condition has become so bad for some people that not finding the phone as soon as they open their eyes rather than the cup of morning tea brings more anxiety to them.  So, we can’t even imagine that we even can’t imagine how our lives look without social media.

Connecting people

Today a greater part of the population is mainly dependent on social media for being in touch with all the happenings taking place in this fast-moving world. They have become the best source to update people about all the affairs that happened yet, happening now or going to happen with help of different formats- News, blogs, memes, posts, tweets, status, story, etc. Today if you don’t have cable connections in your TV set but have an account on any of the Social Networking App like-Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, etc. you are rich. Rich in the sense of getting all the knowledge of the world’s happenings in the way you want to see. If you love to know it through memes Instagram is for you, love reading news through posts/messages Facebook, WhatsApp could be your friends, want to see detailed video, just go to YouTube. Social media has reached our nerves so instinctively that we prefer to search any news topic on Google in our phone rather than going to ON the TV sets to watch it just to avoid any extra work.

Positive impacts of Social Media

The impact of Social Media in our lives to connect ourselves with our loved ones even when we are miles apart from them is just another milestone about it. Getting connected within seconds and able to share our emotions through pictures, posts, stories, and status is another way of expressing our freedom. Yeah, life has really become easy due to it. A huge amount of data can also be sent to anyone in this world on just a click. Again thanks to Social Networking and of course to internet connection.  Social media has also stood up as a free campaigning platform for many political parties and industrial companies. We cannot deny the role of social media in choosing an appropriate government for the nation. A recent study shows that- many of the youth cast their votes on just the influence of party/politician on social media. And the role of social media campaigning informing the present government of India twice also serves a good example. Many of the companies also use this platform for advertising and increasing their business functionalities. So, why it can’t be a boon to us!

Negative Impacts of Social Media

Like two sides of coin, Social media too has its second face. Due to the nonstop usage of social media and data nowadays, the risk of Cyber-crimes has increased up to certain devastating levels. Online transaction frauds, hacking, debit/credit card frauds have also increased these days. The youth should also be allowed the limited usage of social media or excess usage will definitely harm them in the most negative way. It has come out to be a major distraction for kids/youngsters pulling them away from their studies. One of the major change that social media has brought is that- it has made people “Inactively social in real life but socially active in reel life”. People don’t like to wish the person standing beside rather they are comfortable in texting the same wish. What an era is this! This is really a major concern to solve.


Everything has its good as well as bad traits. At last it depends on us whether to use it in a way so that it can bring a productive change in our lives or use it in the most wasteful way and criticize our lives for the same afterwards. Choice is ours. All we have to do is to choose wisely.

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