Importance of Yoga in today’s youth

Yoga is considered as one of the best health practices to provide a perfect balance in this hectic schedule of Life. Originated from Sanskrit language- Yoga means “Union”. A union of thoughts, emotions, mental peace, and a healthy body is a much better definition of yoga. The positive impacts of doing yoga and the feeling of upliftment is something every individual has known and felt. The role of yoga in building our youth is something that has been proven statistically and this is the fact which can’t be denied.

A study conducted on a group of young people shows that today’s youth is much more stressed, depressed and diverted from path than previous generations. Although this era is a technological era with apps & gadgets to ease each and every work, still there is so much unhappiness, tiredness and lack of excitement among today’s youth.  The reason could be this competitive world where you have to keep moving to be in the race or else you would be left alone. This competition to excel in their fields and be on top is the reason creating stress and eventually developing depression among youth these days. This has to be taken into consideration for an aspiring youth who are tomorrow’s future or else the nation’s future could become dark. That is why understanding the importance of Yoga on a big-picture the honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi initiated a proposal to celebrate World Yoga Day on the 21st of June every year and he succeeded in proving it’s worth worldwide too.

This is the time when yoga comes in existence and plays a very important role in the youth’s life. It is scientifically proven that doing yoga every day helps to attain mental peace and increase concentration levels. It helps to control the levels of stress emitting hormones and helps to maintain the emotional balance.  Yoga is also something which helps in creating a sense of enthusiasm and building excitement to do any work. Apart from these physical advantages it also helps to gain a perfect and healthy body free from any sort of disease.

Let us one by one understand the impacts of yoga on youth on different aspects-

1. Educational

Study has already proven that yoga can help to increase the concentration level among students and can help them to focus more accurately in any work. All you have to do attain it is to perform 15-20 min of yoga-asana every day. Also doing meditation as part of daily routine relaxes the mind in the most peaceful way and helps in giving much better results in every work you do.

2. Physical

The benefits of adopting yoga in our day to day life are infinite. Besides the educational aspect, it has much more to do in physical aspect too. Yoga helps to strengthen the body, improve coordination and increase the flexibility of muscles too. It helps to increase stability and creates a perfect balance in life.

3. Mental

Yoga’s impact on mental aspect is something more motivating to adopt it as a daily routine in our lives. Studies on a group of teenagers prove that people doing yoga every day have positive moods are less depressed, have low anxiety and are always ready to do any work with enthusiasm. They merely get stressed in any unworthy situation and are mentally strong to find the solution of any difficult to difficult problem.

4. Emotional

Yes, yoga has also proven its worth in emotional aspect too. By doing yoga regularly people are connecting to their inner souls spiritually as well as emotionally. They are now able to know better about themselves by having a sense of introspection with the help of yoga -asana. They now know their deeper layers and can understand what they are feeling. All thanks to yoga because emotional intelligence is also something that everyone should learn at an early age.

5. Social

As yoga means to unite, yoga has served as a medium to connect people in their best ways. Making people less stressed, building happiness among them and making them mentally stable & at peace is what the social aspect of yoga is. Definitely yoga has helped in assembling an environment which is more peaceful in every aspect- mentally and spiritually.  Yes, it is something helped youth to socialize more perfectly and share their thoughts with ease. These type of people can’t be alone even they are alone. All thanks to yoga for building such a mental power and making people perfect socially as well as emotionally.

Hence, yoga for today’s youth is a key to have a healthy mind and body to achieve all their desire in the future. So, “Karo yoga, bano nirog aur do desh ki unnati me sahyog”.

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