Why majority of PCM students run after Engineering?

Our country India is a diversified nation with a huge culture and heritage. Here, all the people carry their own set of values, traditions, and teachings of their ancestors to live the life in their own style. The same is applied in the education sector too. Here, people majorly study what their elders have suggested well for them keeping aside their own interests. This is the reason why a PCM student (Graduated with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths) opts mostly engineering because it is considered a better choice by the society than other comparable options present for them.

Engineering is also among something that has fascinated the youth and also their parents to have a better career. They feel that Engineering could be that tool which can help to create a wealthy and a secured future in this struggling world for getting a better job. Strange but true many people get to know what they want to actually do in Life after being an engineer first. But, nowadays the condition of Engineers has raised a question mark on the former statements. Doing Engineering even from a prestigious institute is now no more guarantee of a secured future. The worsening condition of engineering has many aspects connected to it. We will try to understand those aspects one by one.

In India majorly 70-80% of students after passing their 12th-grade examination willingly or unwillingly joins Engineering in believe of having a trademark of successful life after completing it. Sometimes, the child is also bounded by the family pressure to opt for engineering even though if he/she wants to do something else. “Bohot scope hai engineering mein” could be said the national phrase of India which changes the mind of everyone who doesn’t want to do it to actually making them do it. This is the epic statement which is used as a weapon by someone to convince them to take engineering. But this statement has lost its worth now!

The reason why Engineering is losing is importance day by day is that-it no more a trademark of having a better career in the future. The number of engineers India is producing is around 1.5m per year which is definitely a very huge number. Also, the jobs available for these engineers are not in proportion of passing out engineers per year. Adding to it, the salary packages are also not injustice for many of the engineers. The biggest fact is that some students even don’t know after passing out what they have studied in their 4 years of engineering. The students who know what they actually studied don’t find any relevance of the taught topic when they work in any industry. What has been taught in engineering doesn’t fit with the industrial use. The industry is doing something else and we were just provided with introduction for 4 years. Also, the number of engineering colleges in India is quite enough to give you at least one engineer in every house. There could be families in which all of them could be engineers. Isn’t it an engineering achievement!

Apart from the diminishing the importance of engineering day by day, the fact that nearly all the highest positions in India are acquired by the engineers can’t be denied too. Surely, being an engineer I too think that engineering gives you that superpower that you can do anything in life. The 4 years of that “Roller-Coaster ride” moulds you in such a way that you can handle every challenge in Life now and can achieve everything you want. The physical or mental pressure which you have gone through these 4 year was actually a building block of a great future you wanted to ever live. That is why engineers have shown their worth in nearly every field whether it may India’s biggest service-IAS or the other professions like Scientists, Producers, Politicians, Actors/Actress and many more are still there in the list. So, there is exactly nothing which that superhumans called “Engineers” can’t do. So, make some cheer for them.

We conquer every Fear, we are Engineer!

Let me also attach here a rhyme I have written based on my Engineering Life.

When I Understood What Engineering Is…

Differentiated by feelings, Integrated by sorrow

It is that plenty of happiness you can’t borrow.

Differentiated by school, Integrated by University

It isn’t easy to determine its ‘Space & Time complexity’.

Differentiated by days, Integrated by Semester

No magnitude no direction, it is that ‘Undiscovered vector’.

Differentiated by 60% & 90%, Integrated by backlog

It’s A Challenge if you can see clearly through this ‘heavenly smog’.

Differentiated by names, Integrated by facial-expression

The only thing here frequently changes is the much-awaited ‘Session’.

Differentiated by dreams, Integrated by danger

If you want to survive, have to be a ‘Game changer’.

Differentiated by talents, Integrated by tension

You can’t take everything Positive just for the sake of ‘Easy convention’.

Differentiated by Departmental Branches, Integrated by IT companies like Infosys

LHS=RHS; sometimes too unable to prove this hypothesis…

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