What is feels to be a Fresher in a corporate world?

The world is changing at a very rapid rate day by day and so the job scenario in many countries. People have started changing their minds towards the perception they were having earlier about the private jobs. As a result, the corporate world has started finding its real existence in comparison to the government sector for many graduate holders. The low availability of government jobs in many countries is mainly the reason that has pushed people to join the private sector. This somehow has appeared to be a much better option for many of the people. Hence, corporate world jobs have emerged out as one of the most dashing job opportunities and a much better option for people to build their careers and live their lives in a better way.

Being a fresher the first thought that comes in anybody’s mind is that- Life would be set if anyhow I would get placed into any of the top class MNC’s (Multinational Company). This is the first step which motivates people to “Build the castles in the air”. But the truth is far beyond the expectation. As a fresher, life is not that rosy which appears when you are not the part of this corporate world. Initially, you have to fight at every stage for showcasing your existence in order to show your real worth in the organization. But, this is too only possible when you even get a chance to do so!

The Real scenario-

Many of the service based corporate giants like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, etc. hire freshers in bulk even if they are not having that much requirement. As a result, they don’t have work to give to all of them and therefore, many of the fresher’s just end up wasting their time sitting up on benches or being in free pool waiting for any other opportunity to come. And the fact is- your desired opportunity may not come so soon. So again, you have to try your Luck. Life is not as smooth for fresher’s as it appears from outside in firms like them. Even if you get any opportunity you are just held with a support role and again there is no much scope for learning. Sometimes you have to even beg for projects so that you could actually change your status from- Free to Billable in order to add at least some more pennies to your little salary. Or else you can live a happy life just being on bench doing nothing without any scope of improvement in your work or even in yourself.  This type of life may seem interesting in the initial days of your joining as you don’t have to do any work and you are still paid. But later it becomes a stain to your profile, stopping better opportunities to enter to your hopeful world. This is the reason why many of the fresher’s leave their jobs too early or within the span of just 1 to 2 years of joining the company.

Initial days-

Life seems good when you have just joined the company and going through your training phase. You start building dreams in your eyes of your golden future within the company. But sadly life takes no more time to show the actual truth. You soon realise that- Life of a fresher is all about checking their emails, sending emails to people, reminding them that you have sent a mail and ask them again to check that mail. In fact after reaching office, the day firstly begins with- having some tea/coffee with friends with a full-on discussion about the low salaries, then moving to your PC (if allotted) for uploading the efforts of the previous day, checking if there are any mails; if there aren’t any checking it after some time and then planning to work accordingly to the mail. Life starts rotating within these useless stuffs only.

After some months-

Even after getting any project the life of a fresher doesn’t change too drastically. The above steps are still followed just your profile status is now- Billable. Now you feel like you are contributing to the growth of the company. Of course, as a fresher, you would be given the role of not of your choice and not any type of direct development role (even though your profile may show you, Developer). You have no much scope of learning from it. But you will still do it for your sake or just for the sake of doing something. This is the condition of fresher’s in most of the service-based companies. There is not much work to do; just working on some pre-defined tools but there is also very little scope of self-improvement and better salary hikes because you are merely learning here in your initial years. As far as the product based companies are concerned, the fresher’s there have to fulfill the target in destined time for which they are also paid with handsome perks.

Yes, life in corporate sector will be definitely good as you gain experience and start adding skills in your resume. Now that rosy picture of the corporate sector will seem really rosy to you. But as a fresher, life is all about establishing and molding yourself in order to survive in this tricky world of enhanced opportunities.

Hence, for a fresher this line really add weight-

You are just earning, but not actually learning!

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