In addition to being the most popular SUV in America, the RAV4 is also the best-selling SUV worldwide

This recognition is more than just a shining feather in the cap of the Japanese carmaker,

which topped Consumer Reports' reliability rankings for 2022.

It says a lot about a model when it outperformed competitors by a significant margin despite

 Regardless, a redesign of the RAV4 should happen in a few years as Toyota frequently follows six-

 Toyota's Corolla won the title for the best-selling automobile while the company's RAV4 occupied 

Yes, Toyota has consistently ranked higher than most brands across various reliability categories,

and that has helped it maintain its popularity and win new fans year after year. 

So, why is the Toyota RAV4 so popular stateside and elsewhere? There are many reasons for that -

from the peppy powertrain, to the well-appointed interior, to the practicality, and simple design

How can an SUV that's neither the most potent nor the best-equipped C-SUV money can buy end up

By bringing home high-reliability ratings bolstered by minimal mechanical issues and low 

For this reason, the model is a great SUV to buy used, and it comes with many crash avoidance features

The RAV4’s reputation for reliability and dependability comes from lasting many miles and years.