The market for electric cars has advanced significantly

A decade ago, electric vehicles were uncommon on the road, but they are now beginning to dominate. 

Tesla and the Model S, the company's first ever mass-produced nameplate, are largely responsible

The Model S made its debut in 2012 and, with its extended range, superior technology-filled cabin

 and stylish exterior, it significantly raised the bar for electric vehicles.

In 2023, the Model S is still one of the greatest EVs available, especially the lightning-quick Tesla Model S Plaid,

but it is no longer the best since rival automakers have caught up. 

We'd choose any of these ten excellent electric vehicles over the Tesla Model S in a heartbeat.

Tesla had a huge head start in the EV space, but when entrepreneurs saw how quickly the company 

we started seeing new EV manufacturing companies popping up all over the place

One new player in the EV space that has shown it's capable of taking on Tesla is Lucid Motors

Lucid's first vehicle, the Air, shows that the company means business, as it's arguably 

better than the Model S, particularly in design and overall build quality.

Lucid is also looking to obliterate the Tesla Model S Plaid with a special version of the Lucid Air