You've made the decision to consider the electric luxury market seriously, huh? 

 To say that the EV industry is oversaturated today would be an understatement, especially given 

 the mounting infrastructural problems and the slowly evolving battery depletion technology.

Since the technology was judged feasible over two decades ago, BMW's i Department has been a fervent

You've probably seen the M4-beating i8, a mainstay of contemporary popular culture

who is revered as a futuristic music video icon and an auto-tuned vocalist.

BMWs 5 series, the long-appointed king of the midsize luxury sedan, goes rogue for 2024. 

Adopting the 'i' accommodation and a consortium of changes outside just the power plant,

The question is, can it really stack up to the most recognized battery-powered sedan on the market?

Straight off the bat, it’s cheaper. And we’re not talking pocket change here. With a starting price of $69,000

the i5 sheds ten big ones in its entry trim over Tesla’s eye-watering $82,000 Model S. 

 The Model S does benefit from a breadth of standard options baked into its mile-high base price,

Elon’s ability to emulate Apple’s business model is one of the reasons why Tesla's demand is consistently

Unlike regular DC charging stations available to the public, Tesla has been investing in a powerful network