With newer and improved RAV4 models, Toyota continues to dominate the compact SUV market. 

Although it may be a stretch to suggest you can't live without anything, we have six characteristics 

It took Toyota a while to realise that by just giving the RAV additional off-road power

The TRD-tuned suspension, which is included in the majority of bigger Toyota trucks and SUVs, 

Toyota vehicles with the TRD Pro designation are renowned for being more powerful than non-TRD vehicles.

This new suspension is energising and gives the RAV4 the pep it was lacking.

On a paved road, many small SUVs must stay between the lines.

If you don't want to get stuck, you won't drive the Nissan Rogue Sport or Mazda CX-5 on a light 

To make the Toyota RAV4 a more capable off-roader, the majority of 2023 grades are available with AWD.

To offer you a sense of adventure, the wilderness package includes more rough traits and features.

Although you probably won't need to use the gas pedal for much more than accelerating to highway speeds,

According to HotCars, the sprint time for the hybrid model to reach 60 mph is 7.4 seconds