GM will have a low-slung, sporty, and robust SUV lineup to capitalise on the Corvette name

 It remains to be seen whether the new Corvette SUV lineup will deliver the legendary 

The upcoming 2025 Chevy Corvette SUV will make use of the same Ultium battery technology

Used in the GMC Hummer EV and other electric cars bearing the GM logo. 

For the new Corvette SUV, this system should provide an 800-volt electric system 

Those who were hoping for a V8 engine and electric motors are regrettably disappointed.

This brand-new Chevy EV is an SUV with a moniker associated with great performance.

Even though the Corvette has only ever been driven on city streets or racetracks, an off-road version 

Increased ground clearance could be necessary to add this to the new Corvette SUV

imagine how much fun it would be for drivers to drive this new electric performance SUV through the trails.