Last week was the long-awaited official introduction of the newest C8 Corvette E-Ray, and to commemorate

Chevrolet sent a few pre-production models to the Petersen Automotive Museum to give

 The hybrid variant, wrapped in a uniform widebody taken from the Z06, comes with somewhat less power 

 the advantages of all-wheel drive owing to an electric motor positioned between the front wheels.

The combined powertrain now generates 655 horsepower, but the C8 should elevate its reputation 

the quickest 0-60 time for any stock Corvette ever thanks to its exceptional grip and readily accessible torque. 

I spoke with the Corvette's Global Marketing Director even though the introduction now begins a lengthy 

 I visited with the Corvette's Global Vehicle Performance Manager Aaron Link and Exterior Design Manager Kirk

how Chevy packaged all the new electric components into the C8's mid-engined chassis.

The C8 first arrived way back in 2019 before Covid-19 caused massive delays that eventually set both the Z06

The interim years allowed the 'Vette plenty of time to prove the worth of the mid-engined redesign

though, even in the Stingray trim with "only" 495 horsepower from a 6.2-liter LT2 V8.