Ford Explorer SUVs are common on American roadways

whether they are being driven by families or law enforcement. However, after its success, the Explorer

began to struggle last year. Sales of two midsize SUVs outperformed those of the 2022 Ford Explorer.

In terms of sales in 2022, the Toyota Highlander and the Jeep Grand Cherokee both outperformed the Ford Explorer

The Grand Cherokee and Highlander, respectively, sold 223,345 and 222,805 units, according to Car & Driver

With 207,673 sales, the Ford Explorer was the least successful of the three midsize SUVs to make the top 25. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee became an even closer competitor to the Explorer last year with its new three

With the ability to carry seven passengers, Jeep’s already-popular midsize SUV 

Plus, the Grand Cherokee’s reputation for rugged capability plays directly into the current popularity

Flint Rock assembly plant in Detroit, for “quality control.” This includes the sister Lincoln Aviator.