The Long Range All-Wheel (LR AWD) drive Model 3 has been reintroduced to Tesla's lineup

After Tesla first ended orders for the electric car in August 2022, something seemed inevitable. 

They claimed to anticipate its reappearance in 2023, and that occurred last week. 

But as Inside EVs has noted, it's a puzzling relaunch. Even while the automobile is currently less expensive 

than it was in August 2022, it now has a shorter range than it had before.

The relaunched Model 3 LR AWD currently occupies a strange position within the Tesla lineup.

Despite this, the Model 3 LR AWD's lower price still makes it a very appealing option for buyers.

In 2022, Tesla priced this edition of the Model 3 at $57,990, plus the destination charge. 

 In 2023, the reintroduced Model 3 LR AWD comes in at $47,240.

After taking off the federal tax credit, that brings the price down to $45,130.

It’s a big swing from the 2022 edition, and it is a 25 percent decrease overall from the last edition 

Price decreases like this are difficult to ignore, even more so with how hot Tesla's have been in 2023.

Where the Model 3 LR AWD now stacks up in the Tesla lineup is now of note. 

For example, you can order a Tesla Model Y LR AWD for $44,380. That offers more car than the Model 3 LR AWD