The first vehicle, albeit it was steam-powered, was created more than 350 years ago,

society quickly began to create what is now referred to as "automobile folklore."

Nothing is still more potent than the new car curse, not even religious icons put on dashboards or joyful 

People have believed they are "tempting fate" by driving about in a brand-new, faultless automobile

 To dispel the myth that because a car is new, the likelihood of something bad happening 

used automobiles, some drivers would even go so far as to intentionally damage their freshly acquired vehicle.

Something that automotive YouTuber, SuperSpeedersRob found out the hard way after taking delivery 

a brand new 2023 C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the ultra-limited Z07 package.

Because while some owners are reporting blown engines with less than 50 total miles

something Rob acknowledges in the video, his belief in the new car curse may have gained 

 clout after he manages to bend both of his passenger-side wheels in his journey home from Detroit.

After planning to reach the break-in period of about 500 miles thanks to the journey from Detroit