The Triber, Kiger, and Kwid are three of the vehicles that Renault, a French carmaker

In March 2023, the brand will also be giving discounts up to Rs 62,000 in an effort to increase sales.

advantages including cash discounts, exchange incentives, corporate and rural advantages, 

Renault Triber receives a significant reduction on both MY2022 and MY2023 versions, 

The offers include a cash discount of up to Rs 25,000, an exchange bonus of up to Rs 25,000

and corporate benefits of Rs 12,000 for the BS6 Phase 1 cars produced in 2022.

Then, for the BS6 Phase 1 and Phase 2 versions of the Triber MY2023 models

the cash discount is up to Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000, respectively.

Other incentives include exchange advantages of Rs. 25,000 and a Rs. 12,000 corporate bonus.

Benefits for the Renault Kiger can total up to Rs 62,000 and include a cash reduction of up to Rs 25,000.

Furthermore, there are corporate incentives of up to Rs 12,000 and exchange bonuses of up to Rs 25,000.

The BS6 Phase 1 model, produced in MY202 and MY2023, is the subject of these offers.

Then, the recently updated MY2023 model of Kiger with BS6 Phase 2-compliant engine is available

 This includes a cash discount of Rs 10,000, and exchange and corporate benefits of up to Rs 20,000 and Rs 12,000