There is no lack of choices when selecting a Ford Mustang model. The basic EcoBoost Fastback

which has an MSRP of $30,920, is where the 2024 range begins.

The Premium Fastback, EcoBoost Convertible, and its Premium variant are then in the center. 

The GT models and the top-of-the-line Dark Horse trims are your best bets if you want some real performance. 

The base price of the fully equipped Dark Horse Premium coupe is $63,265.

This timeless work is totally reimagined in Charge Cars, which challenges viewers to reevaluate 

However, Stangry5.0 of YouTube didn't feel the need to ascend all the way to the Dark Horse. 

He thinks the Mustang GT is adequate, but obviously not in factory condition

His 2016 twin-turbo Mustang has now been "ripped into a million pieces," so he felt he needed something

Initially, he had a Dark Horse on order and was prepared to wait until it arrived.

For YouTuber Stangry5.0, though, there was no need to go all the way up to the Dark Horse.

His belief is that the Mustang GT’s good enough — but, of course, not in stock form.