An entry-level hatchback that comes after the Alto 800 in the lineup is the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. 

Here are the real inside measurements of the automobile to give you an idea of its spaciousness and comfort

This current model is larger than its predecessor.

One sits at a height of 630mm from the ground in this car, making it easy to get into the front seats

The legroom of 750mm, maximum knee room of 870mm, and headroom of 990mm

space but the 1,200mm shoulder room makes you sit closer to the passenger.

Thankfully, there's enough space in between. Also, the seats provide adequate support

Sliding into the rear seat isn't difficult either with an ingress of 640mm. The shoulder room gets tighter 

 Yes, the space inside has increased but it still isn't generous enough with a legroom of 640mm

The second-row seat is a flat bench but doesn't help with a short base of 440mm