Maruti Suzuki has declared that the Waggon R, its well-known hatchback

The Waggon R has sold 30 lakh units since its introduction in 1999, according to the automaker. 

The model's current asking price in India ranges from Rs. 5.54 lakh to Rs. 7.42 lakh 

The Wagon R is in its third-generation phase and is based on the brand’s Heartect platform.

It is offered with two powertrain options — a 1.0-litre petrol and a 1.2-litre petrol engine.

Additionally, it also comes equipped with a company-fitted CNG kit and in the CNG mode

 With this, the automaker gives customers a wider range of fuel-efficient engine options to choose from.

In terms of sales, the Wagon R has been the country’s best-selling car for the last two consecutive years.

Moreover, the Indian automaker has also showcased a flex-fuel-powered prototype 

WagonR hatchback, hinting at the possible future development of its top-selling model.