A category known as the top-end vehicle (TEV) segment, Mercedes-Benz has stated that more than half of its 10 cars

The AMG GT 63 S E Performance and AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet, which both belong to the TEV sector,

CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, said that roughly “22-25 percent of the cars we sell comprise the top-end vehicle

cost upwards of Rs 1 crore.” The carmaker saw a growth of 107 percent in the segment in the first quarter of 2023

Iyer said "More than 50 percent of our 10 new products will be in the TEV segment."

Iyer noted that the Maybach GLS and the G-Class, both of which have an 8–16 month waiting time, 

The A-Class, C-Class, and E-Class models now have waiting periods of up to three months as a result

On the other hand, the waiting period for the GLE, GLS, S-Class, and EVs is between two and six months.