Tesla is developing a Model 3 upgrade. Although the EV manufacturer has not yet provided an official release

date, we anticipate the updated version to hit the market as a 2024 model later this year

Since last year, there have been several reports of the updated Model 3 test mules.

But it's hard to spot the improvements because of the vehicle's extensive concealment on the front and back.

New spy images posted by Twitter user The Kilowatts provide a more in-depth look at some

It's evident that the car's front and rear will feature a redesigned look. But the new spy shots share

The headlights will get a unique shape with revised internals, and Tesla will offer new Hardware 4.0 cameras 

There will be minor changes inside the cabin too. Internally, the Model 3 facelift is known as Project Highland

The new spy shots show a Project Highland Model 3 prototype driving down a Palo Alto, California street

 It's covered under heavy camouflage front and back. 

The overall shape of the car is identical to the current model. There aren't any changes on the side profile

But it is pretty obvious that the camouflaged cloth hides a few big changes.

As we saw on the leaked image on Reddit a few months back, the front end will likely be a lot sharper,

The front bumper will get a much cleaner design, and the marker lights will be moved up to the main headlight units.