At the Auto Expo 2023 in January, Maruti Suzuki displayed a Waggon R flex-fuel prototype. 

Maruti has already confirmed its plans to start manufacturing of the new version of its well-known

 hatchback in November 2025, with a premiere anticipated to happen later in the year,

 in an interview with the automaker on the occasion of world environment day.

At the heart of the Wagon R’s new version is likely to be the same 1.2-litre NA petrol engine producing 88.5bhp 

A five-speed manual transmission could be offered as standard, while an automatic variant

What makes the flex-fuel powered Wagon R different from the regular version is the fact that 

it can run on an ethanol blend of 20-85 per cent (E20 and E85 respectively),

which essentially makes it a blend of 15 per cent gasoline and up to 85 per cent of ethanol. 

This version is expected to be notably more affordable and less polluting than its petrol