When it comes to coupes and convertibles, Mercedes-Benz has always had some of the strongest lineups

Nearly every model has had a convertible and coupe form, but the C-Class and the E-Class 

Mercedes-Benz may, however, reduce the number of coupe and convertible models it offers as the market

The new CLE-Class, which will be positioned between the C and the E-Class, will replace the aforementioned

Due to its intensive development at the Nurburgring, it will also be a sportier vehicle than the other two.

While the CLE will get the regular petrol, diesel, and the mild AMG variant

it will also get a full-blown AMG version in the form of the CLE 63 AMG.

On the chassis front, the CLA is more likely to borrow the MRA-2 platform from the current S-Class.