The RBI has decided to remove Rs 2000 bills from circulation, therefore they will gradually disappear from circulation

From May 23, 2023, ahead, those who have Rs 2000 notes on them will have the option to swap the notes in any bank

The facility's final day of operation is September 30, 2023.

From May 23 onwards, you can go to any bank and exchange 10 notes of Rs 2000 notes at a time

From May 23, 2023, you can also exchange Rs 2000 notes at the 19 Regional Offices (ROs) of the RBI

Additionally, up to Rs 4000 per day for an account holder, you can exchange Rs 2000 notes 

As per RBI, the exchange facility will be provided free of cost.

For depositing Rs 2000 notes, you can go to your bank and deposit the money in your own account