With the Taycan Turbo S, Porsche has held the Nurburgring production electric vehicle speed record since 2022

An outstanding laptime of little over 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

But Tesla has made a valiant effort to reclaim the top spot near the storied racecourse.

With the Model S Plaid, it has returned to the track and surpassed Porsche's previous record.

reducing the lap time of the Taycan Turbo S by eight seconds.

racing tyres further clouded the veracity of Tesla's record, and there are a few further modifications t

the Tesla and a racing package that prevent a true like-for-like comparison with the Porsche. 

Porsche and Tesla have faced off at the track for a few years now. Porsche brought the Taycan

the track in 2019 to break the electric production car record.

 Tesla then started testing prototypes of the Model S Plaid at the track

It was some two years before the Tesla launched, however, it then went to the circuit in 2021 

Naturally, Porsche would return to the circuit to try and take the record back.

They did so in 2022, with their new record standing at 7:33.350 around the famous circuit

Tesla has now made its return and with the Model S Plaid, reclaimed the record by shaving eight