One of the front-runners in the EV competition is Tesla. 

This has led to the company dominating the automobile industry and providing fans with models that are both

There are four models in the Tesla lineup: the Model 3, Y, S, and X. The Cybertruck and the Roadster

are among the many vehicles that Tesla intends to release in the future.

There are many Tesla rivals on the market since the majority of manufacturers are moving towards 

 Tesla still has a charging infrastructure advantage, but these others are coming up rapidly. 

 These modern electric vehicles adopt a different strategy for electrification and provide excellent Tesla 

Hyundai is synonymous with building good-looking and reliable cars with impressive pricing. 

The Ioniq 5 is a dazzling electric SUV with some impressive retro styling and new-era technology

It's among the vehicles that tick most of the boxes, considering that it's available in four trims,

all with impressive cabins, different battery options, and rear- or all-wheel drive systems.

The base Ioniq 5 uses a single, rear-mounted electric motor with 168 hp. 

Adding a long-range battery increases the output to 225 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. 

 Hyundai also offers a dual motor variant, with all-wheel drive and 320 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque.