The 1950s, ah. Few reading, and even fewer writing, can claim to have been around in those days,

 the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, America's top sports vehicle, has managed to preserve the vibrating intensity

of a bygone period. Since its origin, the Chevy Corvette brand has ebbed and flown.

 Today, it stands tall as a beacon for excellence in chassis development, accuracy, and a ballistic dedication to All-

American engineering, packaged to be cost-effective for the blue-collar working man.

Back in the day, the Corvette represented realising the "American Dream."

The genesis of the Corvette saga began in the early fifties under the 'C1' designation.

Though, under this generational umbrella, the first iteration of the Corvette saw radically distinct aesthetic

 The dual round headlamps are reminiscent of the '58 redesign that ditched the ordinary single lamps

protruding out of the front fenders and imparting a sporty eagerness that proved definitive

The 1963 Corvette's fastback split-window motif, cut between a tip-to-tail boat tail roofline,

enamored high society with one of the greatest American designs of all time.