Over the years, Chevrolet's Plastic Fantastic has been grouped under a variety of categories

including supercar, sports car, roadster, performance vehicle, and the most contentious of all

But is the classic Chevy Corvette an actual supercar? It may come down to the versions of the Chevy model,

such as the sluggish C3 and razor-sharp, midengine C8 Corvette Z06. 

The word "supercar" is as ambiguous as how millennials define themselves on social media

However, three characteristics—speed, power, and flashiness—appear in almost all definitions of the phrase. 

The Chevy Corvette fits the bill and qualifies, depending on the definition—but there's a catch. 

The first-generation Corvette was introduced with the Bow Tie as America's first real roadster sports

 The first-generation cars were also inadequate due to its inline-six power at the time. 

Still, Bowling Green’s performance car got sharper and faster over the ages, save for the unfortunate