The much awaited Tesla Cybertruck has recently generated a lot of controversy. 

However, our render wizard Rostislav Prokop has turned the Cybertruck into a beloved electric pickup.

Introducing the Tesla Cybertruck 6X6 Concept, an exclusive to HotCars. It cranks up the eccentric Tesla to eleven!

The flying automobiles from Ridley Scott's 1982 film Blade Runner were particularly influential on the design 

Elon Musk added that his Cybertruck was heavily influenced by the Lotus Espirit from the James Bond film

The Tesla Cybertruck design is a mixed bag but awesome. And the sharp and minimal design

But fear not! Rostislav Prokop has amended that to make the sharp Cybertruck a lot more practical 

But the elephant in the room is its 6X6 setup with an extra rear axle that unlocks