Nobody was expecting Tesla to just reveal a new pack to make the Tesla Model S Plaid even quicker.

Given Elon Musk's propensity to continuously push limits and guarantee his electric cars 

are on the leading edge of performance, it wasn't altogether unexpected.

Does the Plaid even need more performance, though, with a supercar-beating 0-60 mph time?

The Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package provides improved brakes, wheels

tyres that enable supercar-like peak speeds, as well as amenities for "the ultimate track experience."

The Model S Plaid – and other Plaid models in Tesla’s range – have been enjoying cameos in drag

Perhaps it’s the novelty of watching a family car easily and repeatedly trash other machinery 

on the drag strip fresh from the dealer, be they muscle cars or exotica; it doesn’t matter to the Plaid.

According to Top Gear, the Model S Plaid will soon come with the Track Package, which will cost an additional $20,000

 Fortunately, the Track Package improves the car's handling and performance in more ways than just attempting

it go quicker in a straight line. This week, Top Gear is at the Paul Ricard racetrack in France

For $20,000, the trim adds carbon ceramic breaks for powerful, fade-free braking to slow 

car’s considerable mass in the corners, or at the end of a top-speed run down the autobahn