The problem with superstars is that everyone aspires to be one. 

Another fact about superstars is that not everyone can be one. Why are you considering the Kia EV6 right now?

Unsurprisingly, the EV6 easily meets the criteria of a global superstar.

The design of the Kia EV6 is crucial to its attractiveness. The EV6 is visually striking from every angle.

Its hunkered-down, coupe/GT-like posture, applied to a large canvas - after all, the EV6 is a 4695mm car!

The Kia EV6's design philosophy, as defined so well by Teck-Koun Kim, Head of Kia Exterior Design

While those are outstanding statistics, the real-world, long-term implications of these standards are more significant.

But wait a minute, we're just halfway there. Keep an eye out for the next installment of this story!