A antique automobile that has been expertly restored would appeal to any gearhead.

And when the aforementioned project is a functional vehicle as opposed to a display car

When Jason Pecikonis of Timeless Kustoms created the 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1 you see above

When it was delivered to Pecikonis' workshop, the automobile was a complete wreck

It required a lot of talent to totally turn this automobile around because its front end was a complete wreck

But this C1 Corvette is a stunning creation by the Timeless Kustoms crew. In a recent video 

 AutotopiaLA's Shawn Davis provides a thorough breakdown of this amazing Chevrolet build.

This Corvette was completely falling apart when it arrived at Pecikonis' workshop. 

As a result, he had to redo pretty much everything on it. He and his team restored this classic

They replaced all its old mechanical bits with new parts. It now rides on an ART Morrison chassis.

And as Pecikonis points out, it gives the correct foundation for this build.

It uses the front suspension out of a C6 Corvette, and it gets a Watts three-link setup at the rear.