The most significant new features added by Maruti Suzuki to the Baleno, Ertiga, and XL6 are wireless Apple CarPlay

Electronic stability control (ESC) is now a standard feature on the majority of Maruti vehicles.

Maruti released comparable modifications for the Brezza small SUV in the latter part of last year. 

Existing and potential customers will be able to get the connection capabilities through over-the-air (OTA)

 downloaded through Maruti Suzuki's website or the SmartPlay Pro Sync app on their smartphones.

The Baleno is now available with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the higher-spec Zeta 

Additionally, Maruti has also added a new turn-by-turn navigation feature on the head-up

display for the top-spec Alpha trim, with this feature being displayed on the MID on all trims.

Prices for the Baleno currently range between Rs 6.56 lakh-9.83 lakh (ex-showroom).

Like the Baleno, the XL6 also benefits from wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the top

 Since the Ertiga and XL6 do not get head-up displays, the turn-by-turn navigation feature has only been 

Both MPVs have also received a premium acoustic tuning for the Arkamys sound system