For those of us at home recovering from the previous night's festivities, committed video producer Adam LZ 

keeps pumping out gearhead material on a day when the bulk of YouTube's most adored car 

Adam finds himself back in front of the camera after taking a little hiatus for Christmas, 

He is now given the chance to drive his Chevrolet C4 Corvette that has had the RB replaced.

Although completing the JDM project some months ago, the Skyline-powered 'Vette sat on the back burner

 as a result of Adam's numerous ongoing projects.

It also doesn't help that Adam thinks the car is in the unique predicament of "Sitting too high to look good,

But like with every project's "first drive," Adam and Collette were feeling anxious as they were about

 to confront their first obstacle: pulling out of the driveway in the bespoke sports car.

After escaping unharmed, Adam learns about the common problem faced by owners of C4 Chevy Corvettes

We have to assume GM didn't believe many in its target market would require a place to put their iced

It wasn't much longer before discovering the next minor inconvenience a Targa-top Corvette has to offer