Tesla is renowned for being at the forefront of technology advancements in the car industry

from its inventions in autonomous driving to their adaptable touchscreens. 

You get one heck of a car when you combine these technology characteristics with the elegance 

However, what happens when you place these vehicles in harsh environments, like a desert at the height

Researchers at the Tesla Dubai Service Centre tested their automobiles to find out the answer 

Each day, the cars were charged and then driven 150–250 miles (250-400 km) through various desert terrains

Tesla chose the UAE as the ideal location to test their cars' resilience to heat because

 The average temperature during testing was around 122 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity was between 70 and 90 percent. 

 On top of these extreme conditions, Tesla made sure to have all-black models of their cars

The extreme heat presents several challenges for the Model X and Y as the cars have to be able 

 to cool the battery, the drive units, and the passengers inside the car.

By testing the cars' reaction to the scorching hot environment, researchers are able to see how 

In addition to the challenges the hot climate poses on its own, Tesla drives its cars through 

The Tesla test cars were driven up to Jebel Jais in order to push them to their limits.