Picture finding a brand-new 2010 Tesla Roadster in its original packaging when you open the door of a forgotten cargo container.

Three Roadsters were ordered in 2010 and transported directly from Tesla to China,

For 13 years, the Roadsters were idle. With the help of his Tesla Roadster matching services, 

Pete Gruber from Gruber Motor Company is currently looking for a buyer for this historic electric vehicle

Although the cars haven't arrived in the US yet, bids have reached $500,000 so far.

This might be the first EV "barn find," that is, a discovered vintage vehicle of value that has been hidden

 Barn finds are a collector's dream, but they usually don't come in threes or in brand-new condition.

Elon Musk tweeted, "These are becoming increasingly rare," in response to the widely shared Tesla Roadster discovery

It might be an understatement to say they are uncommon. These Tesla Roadster vehicles are unique. 

Three Tesla Roadsters were discovered in shipping containers; two of them are bright red and one

The base model of one of the orange EVs is present, while the Sport trims of the other two are there.

The shipping containers still have foam protection surrounding the automobiles, which are fastened in place with straps

The vehicles seem to have never been driven or touched. It's likely that Gruber has recorded 

 He agrees that the Teslas may have some mileage from delivery or testing.