Ford developed the SVT Cobra from 1993 to 2004 as its premium, high-performance Mustang

was intended to compete with the Chevy Camaro and even the Corvette in the 2003–2004 model year.

The Blue Oval company gave it the moniker "Terminator" after fitting a supercharger on its 4.6-liter V8.

Although the Terminator SVT Cobra Mustang is rated at 390 hp, it really produces 420 hp or more

Many people employ the SVT Terminator Cobra Mustang for drag racing because of its performance potential.

In this video from the Power+Performance channel on YouTube, Rick chats with Brian Wagner

stunning 2003 twin-turbo LS Mustang SVT Cobra in between jaw-dropping shots of the car blazing on the dyno. 

Back in the day, Ford had a special niche team of assembly-line workers that hand-built the SVT Cobra's engine.