The Humvee, which was created as a troop/cargo transport vehicle

 rose to fame in the late 1980s during US military operations in Panama. A domesticated version 

the rugged vehicle, which came right out of the fantasies of off-roaders, was in the works.

Midway through the decade, sales soared, but later in the decade they began to decline until General Motors

 made the decision to end the brand in 2010. Like winter wheat,

the Hummer experienced ups and downs, but in 2021 electrification brought the GMC Hummer back to life.

The Hummer EV was a massive stride in the electric car space, as battery-powered vehicles 

started going beyond the pavement to climb giant rocks. A couple of years later

down the range anxiety that accompanies their ‘supertruck’ and add 26 miles to its range.

The new Hummer EV 3X Pickup now has 7 more miles to its name than the Tesla Model X.

The first Hummer, a civilian variant of the Humvee, was developed by AM General in 1992. 

But when General Motors took over in 1999, the masses finally began to subdue the giant

The 4WD behemoth has all the features you could want in an ex-military SUV/pickup, 

 But its worst flaws were also its greatest assets. The Hummer's engine, which made it a gas guzzler