The 2023 RAV4 Prime disproves a common misconception about Toyotas: that they are expensive and inefficient. 

The premium RAV4 SUV, which comes in two variations with plug-in hybrid 2.5L engines

not only affordable to purchase but also saves money over time thanks to its MPG and MPGe ratings.

Other SUVs with plug-in hybrid powertrains are either prohibitively expensive or have limited efficiency and/or electric range. 

Here are several things the new Toyota RAV4 Prime got right, along with some details on its efficiency

Driving a sports vehicle with absurdly high horsepower is entertaining, but it's never been a feature

 The RAV4 naturally made it onto our list of the top SUVs for daily driving!

Toyota has an advantage over several other companies in the plug-in SUV market with a combined

city/highway MPG of 38 on ordinary petrol and MPGe of 94. In contrast, the typical new automobile in 2023 

The 2.4L Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a comparable rival, achieves 26 MPG and 64 MPGe.

Hyundai's Tucson, a different electric SUV, achieves 35 MPG and 80 MPGe.

The RAV4 is simply more efficient than many comparable SUVs, and combined

with the fuel and battery capacity; it's no wonder why there's such a demand for this vehicle. 

Good fuel efficiency is an important aspect when buying a new car for the more environmentally