There was a time when the Tesla Model X was the only electric SUV on many people's thoughts. 

There are several available cars, including the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Rivian R1S, and many more.

A unique product from one of the lesser producers is the Rivian. However, the R1S still has a lot to offer

including fantastic styling, excellent fuel economy, and a wealth of occupant-friendly amenities.

The R1S's safety features are state-of-the-art, and it is a competent SUV off-road as well. 

For a significant price reduction compared to the Model X, you get a lot of SUV.

Consequently, individuals seeking to transition to electric power will find the Rivian to be a highly appealing choice.

One of the biggest standouts of the stellar R1S is its ability to perform off-road just as well 

One of the most impressive features is its 35.6-degree and 34.3-degree approach and departure angles. 

This will allow for great clearance when the R1S is going over obstacles, such as rocks or steep climbs.

Rivian has also fitted the R1S with an innovative air suspension system

One that can raise and lower the R1S by six inches vertically.

This will further aid the SUV in clearing those obstacles, and an automatic feature allows the suspension

The suspension also works independently on each corner of the electric SUV. Meaning one side of your Rivian