Tesla offers a large selection of electric vehicles, with the Model 3 being one of its most well-liked models

Tesla appears to be having trouble moving one of the best-selling vehicles on the market.

This is true even if Tesla has reduced the cost of the Model 3, making it more accessible than it was previously.

The EV maker has plenty of its own reasons working against the Model 3

including the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck, the next-generation Tesla EV, and the company's

So anticipate a major push on their part to try to get rid of outdated goods.

Recently, those checking out the Tesla website would have seen a discount on the Model 3 product page.

 If you were purchasing a Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, you could pick it up for $38,770 

This is a marked step-down from the MSRP of the Model 3 which is $40,240.

That works out at roughly a 5.9 percent discount already on the original price

Users on Reddit have even noted how the prices of the Model 3 have come down further from when they

There are logical explanations for why this may be happening.

One theory is that Tesla is simply testing the demand for the Model 3 at these lower prices.

However, the most likely explanation is that with this being the 2023 model year inventory