The competition for self-driving cars keeps becoming hotter. Fully autonomous self-driving technology,

After Tesla first ended orders for the electric car in Aaccording to the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD, is "basically impossible.ugust 2022, something seemed inevitable. 

BYD claims that the real advantage of autonomous technology is in increasing the effectiveness of the production

despite the fact that several competitors, like Tesla and General Motors, are making significant

investments in self-driving vehicles as a feature to draw customers, among other things

 However, it will be some time before completely autonomous vehicles are seen often on the highways.

According to CNBC, BYD's spokesperson, Li Yunfei said, "Self-driving technology will have more 

 This is because autonomous technology can be used to improve efficiency and safety in manufacturing

In its factory in China, BYD reportedly has self-driving forklifts installed.

This enables them to move materials and items across the building without human supervision.

As a result, labour costs are reduced, saving time and money. It also improves safety by reducing

the likelihood of accidents involving forklifts operated by humans.

 Production is being transformed by autonomous manufacturing, which is being used more frequently because

Autonomous technology can also be used to optimize production lines, lowering material waste