The Ford Explorer can embark on expeditions into the furthest reaches of space, as its name indicates.

The SUV, however, strayed a bit too far in a terrifying event that occurred in Oklahoma City earlier this year

A woman was thrown off her bed when a motorist of an Explorer slammed into a residence,

 We are protected from the problems of the outer world by it. And we get to sleep soundly

so that we may wake up refreshed. Imagine for a moment that as you're dozing off, 

"catching some z's," and dreaming happily, a large SUV abruptly and unexpectedly crashes into your bed. 

A Ford Explorer was seen driving through a residential area in Oklahoma City late at night around

 The SUV's driver lost control, and the vehicle crashed through a fence

Then, on a crazy adventure across several yards in the neighbourhood, it passed through a second one.

The Explorer then slammed through the two gates and the woman's brick wall, leaving a sizable hole